Thinking of getting a Hair Transplant

  • Highly reputable company operating at the ACIBADEM hospital in Istanbul. This is a well know International Medical Center with hospitals around the world and your hair transplant will be carried out in a safe and reputable hospital environment.
  • Transplanted hair for over 1000 customers and operating over 10 years with the latest technology in hair transplant methods using the FLU method. Contact us using our enquiry form so we can send you our reviews and ratings to judge for yourself.
  • Realistic results based on our initial free consultation – if you are unsure on what is achievable, after your free consultation with our experts we can give you an indication of realistic expectations of getting a hair transplant based on our years of experience and treating over 1000 customers. Use our enquiry form below to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
  • No up-front payment - once we have carried out a free consultation with you over the phone, email, or Whatsapp and you are ready to proceed with your hair transplant then - all you need to do is book your flight ticket and send us the details, You only pay before your operation.
  • Easy and well organised set-up for your hair transplant - we arrange your airport pick up and drop off. Arrange your hotel stay in a 4 star hotel next close to ACIBADEM hospital with breakfast included and shuttle service to and from the hospital for your hair transplant.
  • Easy schedule for your hair transplant - the total time you need including your travel to Istanbul, Turkey for your hair transplant - is 3 to 4 days and this includes an actual 1 day for the operation. If you want to stay longer we can extend your hotel stay. We also have translators who are specialists in different languages to suit your language requirements.
  • One off fixed price cost for your hair transplant - we don't charge per grafts - i.e. per hair we transplant - we will always transplant the maximum amount of hair in a session so your get the best value for money for your hair transplant. In our initial consultant we can advice you based on the information we have and then when the hair transplant is performed you will get an exact count of your hair follicles transplanted.
  • Multiple qualified team members working on your hair transplant – when we carry out your hair transplant we have a team working together so we can work efficiently and productively. Our aim is to work in a way to minimize your pain and minimize time taken to carry out the hair transplant by having multiple team members working on your hair transplant.
  • Medication and after care provided. Once you have had your hair transplant session and rested we will show you how to care for your transplanted area and also give you the appropriate medication you require to help you with a quick recovery time.

For further information please fill in our enquiry form for one of our experts will arrange to have a free consultation with you: